Mix, Alain Ducasse

I ate dinner at Mix last night. This is Alain Ducasse’s new restaurant on West 58th between 5/6th. Architectually, the restaurant is beautiful. Very posh and modern. The walls are white brick. The seating is all off-white leather. Booths and tables. The plates are white with splashes of orange spots askewed to one side. All of the silverware, glassware and food accessories are new and clever. There is a nice vibe.

Unfortunately, the food is absolutely horrible! It is so upsetting to try out a new restaurant that looks fantastic (they obviously spent more money on the look than the food) and then have a bad meal. This is probably why I always return to my old haunts. I began with a she-crab soup. My husband had a raw tuna appetizer overlaced with citrus. The soup was not bad but they gave us some long dipping pieces that were hard to figure out exactly what they were. Maybe crab cakes remolded. I wasn’t sure. I will say that the serving pieces are interesting and different. Each meal is served in a square clear plate with a top. Different. For dinner, we all had different things. I admit, I only tasted my husband’s and not our friends. He had the duck. The flavor was too intense. There was nothing mouth watering or subtle about the dish. I had the cod which was marinated in yogurt and lemon and then served “atlantic style”. It was inedible. I took one bite and that was it. Dessert wasn’t too good either. I shared a bowl of ice cream with my friend. The chocolate was so burnt tasting that it wasn’t worth eating. The vanilla was the only ice cream that I found good. The profiterolles were overdosed with sauce and chocolate which was so not sweet that it was also not worth eating. I think the best part was when you sit down they give you toasted breads with three small pots, one of butter, one of grape jelly and one of peanut butter. A bit whimsical but at least edible. They also pour a really stiff drink which is always a bonus.

If you are looking for a new restaurant that is good, do not go to Mix. If you want to see a really interesting architectual restaurant, go have a drink at the bar quick because I would find it hard to believe that this place will be open for much longer.