Most times, we go to a new restaurant and just walk in. 9 out of 10 times, they can seat 2 people or we manage to find 2 chairs at the bar. If not, we just go somewhere else.

The other night we strolled by Sumile and saw that the bar was wide open. Perfect. Had read about this restaurant for awhile. We actually had reservations there when it had first opened but decided we were not in the mood.

The decor is very mod. The lighting is low but the vibe is very futuresque. The drink list is extensive. There are a variety of sakes by the glass, which is nice. They even make their own ice out of special bottled water. The cubes are interesting looking chunks of ice. Just an added touch.

We basically ordered off the appetizer menu. We had the oysters which were very small but served in a mild pineapple vinegar. They were good but not great. All appetizers come in pieces of 5 which is interesting. 6 would have been nice if you are sharing. We also had the tea smoked anago on boiled daikon. This was interesting. Pieces of anago sliced into 1 inch pieces served over the daikon. 5 small bites. Again, good but not great. We also had the tartar of bluefin otoro. This was served with caviar and pickled abalone in a shell about the size of one’s palm. About 4 bites, maybe 5. This was really yummy. The last thing we had was another sashimi dish.

The food was good not great. The sake was nice. The vibe was a bit too cool and futuristic for my taste. The bill was out of control. All of the items on the menu are $14 for an appetizer or $28 for a main course. You can also order the chef’s selections at $80, $100 or $120. I did not realize that the otoro was a $15 supplement, so in essence that was $30 for 5 bites.

To sit at the bar, have a few drinks and some appetizers literally cost us somewhere around $120 with tip. That is outrageous! If the food was so incredible that it was a foodies dream and a memorable taste, then maybe but this was not.

Obviously cost vs. demand is the key to New York City being the ultimate in capitalism. I gather there must be a supply of people willing to pay that type of money for 5 bites. Sumile has been open now 5/6 months and appears to be hopping. What can I say? I am not one of those consumers. Sorry to say Sumile, I will not be back.