Better Burger

Saturday morning we were all converging in Chelsea before checking out some art for Dad’s office. So, where are we going to eat lunch? Let’s check out Better Burger

The idea behind Better Burger is health food oriented. Interesting concept..right? I liked the feeling of the restaurant immediately. Very clean with a hip forward feeling vibe. I felt like I was in a European fast food place. The polka decor is fun. They even ask you with small signs to take only what you are going to use which is good for the environment and nothing goes to waste. I liked that too.

We checked out the menu. Chicken and pork burgers too. Stir fry veggies with tofu. But, we are at a Better Burger, so when in Rome…The fries are made in ovens. The burgers are organic meat. Hey, let’s just order it and see what every one if talking about.

So, we all ordered the burger, fry combo with a smoothie. My husband actually had the pork burger special so we didn’t all have the same thing. Maybe we ordered wrong, but it is a burger joint.

Why is this place doing well? The burgers are horrible. I can’t figure out what organic place the meat comes from? The fries taste like the fries you put in the oven from Oreida after sitting in the freezer for months. The ketchup has a weird after taste. Although, the smoothies were delicious. The berry berry smoothie was the best. But, the food, yuck!

So, next time I have a burger and fries, I am sticking with my original game plan. If you are going to have the bad stuff, do it right. Fried french fries with a big juicy burger. I find it hard to believe that Better Burger is actually capable of expanding this operation. Are there that many people out there who are so organically driven that they have lost their sense of taste?

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  1. Jonathan Greene

    Head a bit east and grab a great Blue9 burger on Third Ave. California style.. not quite In and Out burger caliber, but waaay better than Better Burger.

    There is also a new place – think it’s called New York Burger (could be very wrong) opening soon on Park between 23 and 24.