Summer Ends

Summer ends, fall begins. There is nothing quite like the summer feeling.

I have been in serious relaxtion mode for the past 2 weeks. Hanging at the beach with my family. Enjoying the incredible weather. Having parties and barbecues. Eating ice cream. Wishing we could bottle the sunset, bottle the smells of summer and the feeling of no responsibilities. Could we just open a jar and bring some out during the depths of winter?

Although I am looking forward to returning to NYC. There is always the gearing up for fall which is exciting too. Getting the kids ready for school, new activities happening, new schedules, new movies, new theater, new plans, etc. Fall is probably my favorite time in NYC. The air is crisp and the days are still relatively warm and their is the buzz of change in the air.

This will be an interesting season as we enter the Presidential election. Our kids have been very interested in the outcome and watching the election play out. My husband asked the kids questions to see what camp they were in. No surprises, all of our kids responses made each of them liberal Democrats. But, it was certainly interesting hearing their answers and heartfelt responses.

One last day of summer, then we pack up and return to the next adventure. I’m ready to go.