Mas on Downing Street

Mas on Downing Street was a treat! When you walk in, you immediately feel as if you have found a tiny oasis in a big city. The ceilings are low which creates and atmosphere of warmth. The attention to detail is incredible.

The restaurant has a small bar when you walk in but opens up into the restaurant. The restaurant has banquettes all around room and one larger table in the middle that is set up like a communal table in between two wooden columns. Each table is covered with white linen with a reflective candle glowing in the middle. The china is white with a red design of small berries running through it. The napkins are pulled through a mother of pearl napkin holder. The table is basically set as if you are having a beautiful dinner party in your home.

The service is spectacular. They immediately get you water, a cocktail or wine. First servings of a small tasting from the chef. Even the menu has attention to detail. It is made of paper, daily, and threaded together with a small piece of string at the top. Handmade. You can also have them serve a different glass of wine with each course, if you prefer. I loved that! So, the wine can be enhanced with the dish you are having.

We started with 2 different appetizers. I had the portugese sardines which were butterflied, grill and served over a parmesean cracker and carmelized onions between the cracker and the fish with a toasted pine nut vinegarette. An interesting mix of flavors and consistencies. Absolutely delicious. My husband had the tuna which is a signature dish. Raw tuna served in a vinegarette. I found the tuna a bit too thick and rich. I would have preferred if it had been more on the thinner side like a carpaccio but the taste was good.

Dinner was also good. We had a sliced seared duck over vegetables and pork bellies served with a maple syrup sauce and cabbage. So good. For dessert we opted for the cheese platter. There are a variety of different cheese and information about the region, taste etc. It was a nice change from dessert. Although they served a few pop in the mouth cream puffs at the very end for an added bonus.

I really enjoyed Mas. I am looking forward to my next visit. The restaurant is so elegant. Such a nice retreat from the craziness of the day’s activities. It is almost like going to a spa. I felt like we had escaped from the realities of the day for a few precious hours. What a treat!