Papers on the Subway

I’m taking the subway uptown and sitting next to me is the Financial Times. Never read this paper but I have time to kill so I start to scan the articles. There isn’t much that grabs my attention but the weekend section has an article on Karl Rove with the big title “The Man Behind Bush” by James Harding.

The article starts off telling us that George Bush refers to Karl Rove as “Turd Blossom”. Sort of frightened me but a Turd Blossom is supposedly a Texan term of a flower that blooms on manure. Nice, eh? The article continues on about Rove’s control over the Bush message. Republican strategists are impressed with his skills but on the other hand, find him a bit scary.

My favorite quote of the article is one what I had to share because it made me laugh outloud, although I should have shuddered instead. Kevin Phillips, who is the author of the 1967 classic The Emerging Republican Authority said this, “There is one thing which is really special about him, he is the first strategist to elect a schmuck as President of the United States – to orchestrate the triumph of a relatively mediocre thinker who lost the popular vote and now has the chance to become a historical figure thanks to Osama bin Laden.”. Well, that truly captures it all.

Another senior Republican party figure, who would only speak anonymously said “People are scared to death of Karl”.

I hope that as we continue in the debates, with 4 weeks left to the election, that the American people begin to see what is really happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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  1. mk

    — loved it!

  2. jackson

    Karl Rove would make Joseph Goebbels proud.