Folk Art Museum and American Craft Museum

Last week, I ventured up town to go to 2 museums that I have never walked into.  I went to the American Folk Art Museum and the American Craft Museum which I believe has changed it’s name to Art and Design Museum. 

Both of these museums are very small which is very appealing on one hand but on the other hand, not much depth. 

The American Craft Museum is literally a floor of shopping and a basement floor and a mezzanine above the store.  It appeared to me that each new exhibit takes over the entire museum.  So, if it was something that really interested u, this would be a small intimate experience but if it is something that u really don’t care for, then u won’t bother walking in the door.  The exhibit that was there last week was all centered around design and jewelry.  The presentation was very cool.  Beams of light shown down on each square showcase that was set up like an array.  I wasn’t that into the content so I left soon after arriving but now at least I know what to expect from that museum.

The Folk Art Museum is a bit larger.  When I was there the top two floors were closed for installations but there was an exhibit called BLUE throughout the rest of the space.  It was really well done.  There was jewelry that was very old, hand done stuff.  Interesting pieces that were obviously old and now classics.  I loved this one particular box that had a variety of gold pieces in it that were encrused with jewels.  The pieces were like small animals.  This particular group was donated from someone who had found them at the Thrift Shop on 20th Street in Chelsea.  I love this b/c one of my pals shops at the Thrift Shop and loves the place.  Of course, she wish she had found those goodies.

All and all, I’m glad that I checked out the museums.  I am not sure how quickly I will be returning but out of the 2, the Folk Art Museum probably will see my face again.