Latkes. A once a year treat. I made enough for an army last night and it appears that the army ate because there wasn’t one left. They were crispy and good. I’ll share the recipe.

6 Yukon Gold Potatoes ( peeled )
2 Spanish Onions
1/4 cup matzah meal
2 eggs

I actually used the cuisinart instead of grating by hand. It is just as good and a huge time saver. I just pushed the potatoes through the grinder attachment. I did the same for the onions. Then, mixed that together and added the matzah meal and 2 eggs that had already been lightly beaten. Take the hands and literally mix everything together.

To fry, I used a big non-stick frying pan filled about 1/2 up with vegetable oil. I got the oil very hot and started to drop the pancakes in. I take a pinch with my fingers and drop it in the oil. So, the pancakes are not too big and they fry up like batches of small french fries stuck together. Wait until they have really browned before flipping over and browing the other side.

To really get the grease off, when you take the latkes out of the pan, lay them directly on brown paper bags. This really mops off the grease. Then I put them on wax paper in a cookie sheet inside the oven at around 170 degrees to keep warm until dinner.

Serve them up with some apple sauce and sour cream on the side. Voila! You could always substitute or add carrots, ginger or sweet potatoes for the potato part of this recipe. It is a basic so additions are always welcome.

Comments (Archived):

  1. fred wilson

    they were killer!

  2. jeff lang

    I made you’re latkes last night and they turned out great! My fiance, who happens to be Jewish, said they were the best she’s ever had. Not bad for an Italian,Catholic kid, huh? Thanks for the recipe and the blog.