New York is a great city for shopping.  There are tons of small stores, big stores, shoe stores, food stores, furniture stores, etc.  But, as a New Yorker, regardless of the variety it is still hard to find the one favorite store.   I like a store that I know that I can find something in if I need to. 

Barneys used to be that for me but no longer.  Barneys was the best when it was located on 17th and 7th.  The store was filled with young designers that no one else was carrying.  You did not see yourself coming and going when you made a purchase.  Also, they knew you if you were a customer. 

I have found my new favorite spot.  Takishamaya on 5th Ave between 53/54th Street.  The store is fantastic.  The first floor has trendy young designers and a wonderful flower shop with hand made vases, etc.  My other favorite floors are the 1st and 3rd.  The 1st floor has mens and womens.  Cool, different accessories and clothes that are meant for travel.  The 3rd floor has jewelry, coats and some tops.  All high end but well priced for what you are getting.

The best part of the store is the restaurant downstairs.  Great tea salon.  There are a variety of teas to choose from.  The food is light and delicious.  There is also a small food shop connected to the restaurant where you can buy cookbooks, teas and products.

The store is a gem.  I hope they are able to continue to be creative in their buying.  I have yet to walk in there and not find an item that I wanted to bring home that was priced accordingly.  That’s a homerun.

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  1. Karen E

    When I was in grad school in Philly I would treat myself every year to a scarf from the Accessories floor at Takashimaya. You are reminding me to re-start the tradition!


  2. stephen

    so if you like the tea area you will REALLY like Lady M on 78th mad/park. Their cakes/tarts are insane (and of course pricey). It is a tiny sliver of a place but they managed to pack a few tables in there! It might even make it into favoritesweets.

    Gab likes it also!