Sabi Sands

Dsc_0052 We flew up to Sabi Sands which is a private reserve in Kruger National Park.  We found out that the country is doubling the size of Kruger by expanding into the areas of Botswana which is true forward thinking on the Government’s part.

We were staying at the Idube Lodge.  Small free standing huts spread out through the resort.  Do not leave your room at night there are animals walking around particularly a leopard who likes to roam around in the late evening. 

Dsc_0146 We had a wake up call at 5:30 and out for safari until about 9:30, back for bfast and lounging by the pool.  Then, out again for safari at 4:30 until about 7:30 and back for dinner.  It was incredibly relaxing and beyond cool to see the animals roam in their natural habitat. 

Dsc_0221 Whoever figured out that you could drive a jeep straight up to the animals and they don’t bat and eye.  They know you are there  but they don’t realize that there is a tasty meal in the car.  It is a bit intimidating when the animals start to move too close to the car but I figure the driver and tracker know what they are doing.  They haven’t lost anyone yet.  The picture on the left is of us literally hanging out with a group of elephants. 

Dsc_0186 Here is another one of a lion taking a little snooze.  He’s obviously tired. 

One of my favorite sayings we learned in South Africa was "sundowner".  They are referring to the cocktail hour.  So every day at lunch the guide would ask you what you wanted for your "sundowner" that evening on the safari.  I think we will continue to use that saying.  Good description as you are watching the sunset. 

Dsc_0167 Here is a picture of us after our "sundowner".

All and all, a fantastic trip.  We really saw alot.  Truly experienced South Africa.  The people, the beauty, the way of life.  As always, a privelege to see how other people around the world live.