The Gates

Someone told me 750,000 people went through Central Park this past weekend.   What a number.  We were part of that number.  I’d say that 95% of our kid’s school were in Central Park this weekend too.  We all came together to see the Gates that had been installed by Christo and Jean-Claude and many many volunteers. 

It happened to absolutely beautiful out on Sunday which was an added bonus.  The 2 big questions I have heard this morning is "did you see the Gates"  and "what did you think"? 

Dsc_0052_2 I did think it was pretty amazing how many people turned out to see the art installation.  Was it because Christo doesn’t do them every often?  Is it something we can gather around as a community when there isn’t much else that right now?  Hmmm. 

The color is great.  The fabric blowing in the wind is pretty cool.  The light pouring over each piece is interesting.  It is hard to get a real visual for the entire setting unless you are lucky enough to have an apartment or office overlooking Central Park.  That I would have really like to see. 

Dsc_0054_1Bottom line, I am glad that we went.  The kids poohed the whole thing but in the end they were glad they went too.  I figure when they are in the 30’s they can say that they saw it. 

Yet the exhibit asks the age old question which is "what is art"?  Was it worth $21 million for 14 days?  Is it astounding?  Is it making a true impact in the art world?  I don’t know if I am qualified to make that call.  I do know that I enjoy art particularly from emerging artists.  I know how I feel looking at a piece that really move me.  I like coming back to that piece again and again and feeling different each time.  Seeing new ways to look at a piece and finding new things.  I also enjoy the history of art and how classic artists have influenced younger artists. 

Perhaps I am too pedestrian.  There is always the pretension in the art world that I don’t get.  It is as if the emperor has no clothes.  You would be afraid to say that you don’t get it.  As for Christo, I am not sure I get it but it was exhilarating to see that many people come out in NYC to see the show.  It was good for NYC and that to me is a successful art show.