Packing for Camp

There is nothing quite like packing for camp.  For any of you who have done it, you know.  It is a serious undertaking.  The list is provided by each camp but if you have been there before, the list doesn’t always cut it.  You need other stuff, you know, stuff. 

So, I got ready for the big pack.  I recommended the same thing to my best pal who had a serious epiphany when she discovered the site.  You can’t beat it.  Log on and in about 10 minutes you have purchased all the shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and anything else you can think of.  Any purchase over $50 is free shipping.  It is a glorious way to shop.  Although they now spam me even though I didn’t sign up for information, but alas, most sites do that.

The girls helped me this year.  We packed all 6 trunks in one day.  Sharpies in hand and we plunged in. 

At our camp you bring the trunks to the bus when the kids leave.  Unfortunately we have 3 kids and 6 bags don’t fit in the mini van with us and them so I send them to camp courtesy of DHL

I logged into DHL, told them I need a pick up.  Literally 10 minutes later a DHL guy rang my door bell.  Gotta love it.  Goodbye bags.  Until next year….