Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

HomemainI have seen the original version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory countless times.  How funny that Gene Wilder is now the original Willy Wonka. It was part of my childhood.  I also read all the books.  I thought that Dahl was wonderful.  Dark and humorous at the same time.  Very druggy actually.  James and the Giant Peach was wild.

I turned our kids on to the movie at a very young age.  God knows how many times we have watched Violet turn into a blueberry.  I admit as I grew older, I realized that I was never a huge fan of the Grandpa Joe character in the movie or some of the stupid songs.  It was more the nostalgia and the brilliance of all the chocolate.

The new and improved version of Willy Wonka came out today.  Tim Burton directed Johnny Depp playing Willy Wonka.  The early reviews sounding promising.  It was a must see.

Ok…I have seen it.  BRILLIANT!  I loved it.  Johnny Depp is like a guy who has taken way too much acid.  The kids are quirky and obnoxious.  Charlie is so pure.  This movie actually follows the book much better than the original.  There are no stupid songs.  There are some very funny lines.  The computer imaging is fantastic.  The whole flash back scene with Wonka’s father could have been left out but nothing is perfect.   

I will most certainly be seeing this film again and again and again.  Don’t even bother to take kids with you, I didn’t.  Tim Burton has make his mark.  Truly.  I loved it.