Goodbye Wesselmann, Hello…

Years ago, friends of ours loaned us a Tom Wesselmann lithograph that had been gathering dust in their closet.  They have lots of art and this particular piece hadn’t made the cut at that time.  The piece was classic Wesselmann, large bright cartoonish, very Lichenstein.  It hung in a very happy place for the past 5 years.  Last week, they decided it was time for Tom to return to their fold.  It was nice while it lasted.

Seeing a bare wall in that particular location was too much for us to take, so we decided to fill the spot. 

Sara Nightingale Gallery is located in Watermill, NY on the Eastern end of Long Island.  I have been to her gallery on a number of occasions.  Our of all the galleries that I frequent, I happen to think that Sara has the best instincts in discovering young talent.  She has an incredible eye.  She also loves the art world and helping young artists start their careers.  I love cruising through her basement and see what she’s got.  When the wall became bare, I really wanted to buy something from Sara. 

Img_0602We did.  Now, of course I could have bought more but I do a good job restraining myself.  The piece we bought to fill our wall was by a young artist named David Gamble.  He was hired by UK’s Observer Magazine (to benefit the Warhol Foundation) to photograph objects slated for auction at Sotheby’s.  Later he digitally altered some of these images and created jet prints of his objects such as the medicine cabinet, or his china, etc.  We purchased one of those pieces with Andy Warhol imposed into the photo.  The question being asked "who was Andy Warhol."?

Img_0594_1There were 2 other pieces there that were incredibly appealing but we opted for just one more.  This piece is from another young artist named Ryan Wallace.  His work grabbed me from the second I saw it.  Very trippy sixties paintings on a beaten up canvas.  I would have loved to seen a really big piece but to no avail. 

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  1. scott partee

    Wow! I really love both of those pieces. Great stuff.