San Francisco

I  have not been out to the San Francisco area in quite a few years.  It is always comforting to return to a city that you like.  Also, as you begin to drive around, everything starts to look familiar again.

We stayed for only one night but it was a very good night.  We stayed at the Hotel Vitale which was recommended by a very good old friend.   

The hotel is a cross between a W hotel and the Mercer Hotel in NYC.  Simple, modern, not too expensive and in a good location.  The hotel sits over the waterfront area.  The Ferry building on the waterfront wasn’t there when I was there last time or at least it wasn’t renovated. 
Very San Franciscan.  Wine bars, cheese shops, olive oils to taste, organic foods to buy.  On Saturday morning there is a flea market and open air farmer’s market.

So, if you are passing through San Francisco, check out the Hotel Vitale for a place to stay.