Clam Bar

ClambarHands down the best place on the entire Eastern End of Long Island is the Clam Bar.  We love the place.  We actually were the first customers one year when they opened up for Spring. 

The serve what you expect.  See the black slate board in the picture, that is their specials.  They never change.  Steamers, Lobster, Grilled Fish, Fried Clam Bellies, Clam Chowder – Manhattan and New England, Lobster Bisque.  All good and all cash. 

There is nothing quite like pulling off Route 27 in Napeague, sitting outside, having a Corona and a bowl of chowder.  It really completes the beach day.  You can sit at a table or the bar stools in front.

LUNCH which is across the way has been there for just as long but in my book, the Clam Bar is superior on all fronts.  I haven’t been to LUNCH in years and plan on keeping it that way. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. jackson

    Clam Bar may be the best place, anywhere, ever.

  2. Jake

    We’ll miss you at Lunch.