Mas Farmhouse

Mas Farmhouse is a small jewel in the West village.  The owners attention to detail is impressive.  The plates, the forks, the seating, the service, the menu, etc.  Beautiful presentations throughout.  It is as if you went to someones home for dinner but better.  I forgot that there was a bar when you walk in, so there is always the opportunity for dropping by.  Love that.

We went were a party of 6 and all went with the tasting menu which was perfect.  They are flexible too, so we all got to choose different options for the tasting menu.  The menu changes with the seasons.  I began with oysters that were dressed with tiny dollops of caviar.  Perfect beginning.  My second course was the blue fin tuna tartare.  Chopped and shaped in a circle, like everyone serves it, but the different tastes they used and combinations of textures worked perfectly.  We also had a tiny course of bay scallops, fresh and served in their shell.  Wow.  A light fennel mignonette was served over the scallops which gave it the right zing.  For dinner I had the lobster.  Poached lobster tail served in a light broth.  Really delicious.  I tried the rest of the crowds main courses too.  The pork was fantastic and so was the duck. Basically you couldn’t go wrong.  I opted for the cheese course for dessert but tasted the rest of the desserts around the table.  All good.

Sorry I am not being so specific on the exact combinations of what we ate but it was a few days ago and I’m having a hard time recalling everything.  We drank a few bottles of wine which were all delicious too.  This is my second time dining at Mas.  Will most certainly be back again, actually I’m going to have to remember the bar area, and just drop in for a small bite and drink.