The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn  makes 3 restaurants for the owners of Red Cat and The Harrison.  I think 3 is the winner.  The Mermaid Inn is definitely the best one.  I never loved Red Cat in Chelsea. Much prefer going to Bottino across the street.  The Harrison has a great atmosphere but I didn’t find the food worth the trip.  The Mermaid Inn, on the other hand,  is a perfect addition to the East Village.

The restaurant serves fish only.  You feel as if you are sitting in a quaint cafe somewhere in New England.  Good service, good prices, good feel.  I guess where you eat, location wise, makes a difference too.  My expectations differ in the East village vs. Tribeca.  The food here is simple home cooked food, fish style.

I began with a bibb lettuce salad with shaved parmeasan and pieces of pumpkin and toasted pumpkin seeds.  Simple yet hearty salad.  Fred had the fried oysters and claimed them delicious.  Our friends had the soup and fried shrimp.  All good and just the right amount of food. 

We were boring and all gravitated towards the whole dorado fish.  Although one of us did go with the salmon.  The fish is grilled, served whole over a bed of spicy escarole, golden raisins and lemons.  Excellent.  Cooked just right and the combo of the veggies was perfect.

We were off to see a concert so had to run before you leave there give you a little treat…nice touch. They brought out each of us a small cup of chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream.  Rich, lovely and just a few bites to top off your meal.

All and all a really good experience.  Will definitely be back.  Long bar, great vibe.  The third restaurant is a homerun.