Last day in Bangkok

Our last day in Bangkok, we really hit up the stores and tried to get a feel for all the different neighborhoods.  I think we even taught our travel guide a thing or two.  The guides really have the places they know.  They take you to the restaurants that they have relationships with, probably get a little cash, and even the stores they know.  It is a bit of a racket but that is OK.  We told him what we wanted to do and he loved it.  He took notes and of course made sure he connected with each place, probably for future clients. 

Springsummer_buldlingIf you get to Bangkok, make sure you go to Almeta Silk.  As the Luxe Guide says, this place kids Jim Thompson’s butt.  They are right because we went to Jim Thompson’s store too.  Almeta has beautiful silks.  We bought some bathrobes.  Before we went there, we went to a fantastic place for lunch called Spring and Summer.  The Summer building houses the restaurant and the Spring building houses a Chocolate bar and club.  The architecture was fantastic, not typical at all.  Here is a picture on the left. The food, of course, was divine. 

SpringsummerThis picture is Jessica inside the Spring restaurant. 

Thai_sweetsOur travels took us past some outdoor sweets. 

PlaygroundBut the best place we went to was a store called Playground.  Great name for a store.  One large building with 3 floors.  The first floor was music and 2 pastry cafes.  The music store also sold magazines and you could listen to the music, like Tower Records.  Upstairs was a large atrium that allowed the floor above it to look over the floor below. The second floor had different retail areas.  One for women, one for men, one for children, one for travel, one for athletic stuff.  Each area was put together for life style living.  You could buy jewelry or handbags or shirts or pants or hats or shoes, etc.  The third floor was all  home furnishings. Really well done store. 

Family_playgroundIn the middle was a large group of bean bags.  I mean huge bean bags.  Here is our family picture.  Do we look ready to go home?

Thailand was wonderful.  We all loved it.  The food, the sights, the people, the vibe, the beaches, etc.  So glad we went.   Next year, India.

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  1. The Graduate

    Thanks for sharing all of your Bangkok experiences. I cannot wait until I can travel again.

  2. Noa

    I enjoyed your travel blog very much.

    Since you are going to India, you may want to look at my travel journal – I was there in November and kept a blog here: