Personal DNA

This morning Fred told me about the website that was launched by a company he had told me about.  He took it.  I was pretty impressed with their findings. He blogged about it.  So, I decided to give it a whirl. 

The site is called Personal DNA.  It takes about 15 or so minutes to complete the test.  It is pretty cool.  I like the questions that are asked.  Also, there are sliding bars that allow you to gage how much or little you feel about something.  So on one end it says agree and the other says disagree but perhaps you agree but not completely, you could put the put the answer exactly where you sit.  Also, they do the same thing with squares that have 2 different answers but also 2 different feelings.  You can put the dot somewhere in the square that fits you.  I really liked that.  Nothing is black and white.  There were a few questions that are but not most. 

Conceptually you could use this for a variety of purposes.  Customer profiles, hiring people, etc.  One thing that is pretty interesting too is that I can have people profile me which will then give a different version of my personality.  All and all, I really liked the test.

So, I took it.  It was quite spot on.  Here are the results. Even the answers that it gave me in regards to my personality were derived from questions that were not necessarily what the assessment was of me.  Pretty smart. 

Take the test.  It’s fun and I think insightful.  Will be interesting to see how this product gets used over the web.

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  1. Dory

    I don’t really know how to react to this because after I took the test and got my results ( Results of my personality test: ), I checked out your results. They appear to be exactly the same. Does that mean that we gave answers to every single question within the same range? I mean, the ranges were rather broad, I thought. Kind of freaky.

  2. schwesterann

    How did you feel about being graded very masculine and not very feminine?

  3. Kaleberg

    I tried to take the test, but I didn’t have much luck.

    I never know how to answer that question about gender. Gender is a linguistic concept, so I’m not sure of how it applies here.

    Then, I got to the part of the test where they babble about the “sliders”. I didn’t see any sliders. Could they be using Flash animation? Since I’m on a Macintosh, I don’t get any viruses, so Flash and PDF have filled the ecological niche normally occupied by malware. I use Adblock to keep Flash animations off of my computer.

    So, I closed the window. It’s 2005, and they’re still using popups. I’m amazed I even got as far as I did. I’ll have to check my popup blocker setting.

    That must say something about my personal DNA.


    I was amused by your review of Per Se. I was glad to hear you had a good meal at French Laundry. We had a wretched meal there, years ago. The cooking was great, but the kitchen was in meltdown. We were at Chez Panisse when they had a serious kitchen fire, but they handled it better.

  4. Dan.Williams

    I just recently started reading your blog and I find it absolutely insightful and a joy to read. I took the test at PersonalDNA: and it was right on point. Although I find it very strange that by answering simple questions, an algorithm can chart with very good certainty who you are. It even asks the same question (sometimes in different form) multiple times to test honest responses.

  5. Denise (NJ)

    Hi, I took the test along with several of my family and friends and it’s amazing how accurate it is. I don’t know anyone who scored 100% in any category like you…does that mean you answered totally honestly every time and didn’t waver? wow…
    does anyone know what “agency” means?