We dropped by Landmarc for an early dinner on Saturday night.  Lots of families were having early meals and then as we were leaving I noticed that the entire clientele had changed.  No kids.  It is always great to see a restaurant become part of the community.

Landmarc is located in Tribeca on West Broadway.  Decorated in stark greys, woods and brick.  Very simple and European.  Good lighting. The bar is at the back of the restaurant and seats 8.  You can eat there too which is what we did.  Behind the bar is a small grill that has serious suction above it to grill meats.  Nice additional touch.

Their shtick is the wines.  They do not serve wines by the glass.  They do not mark up their wines like everyone else, they keep it to a 15% markup vs. 35-50%.  They pass the savings on to us and in turn only serve full bottles or half bottles.  I like the half bottle thing because you can taste a bunch of different wines.  We had a Palazzio Testarosa Pinot from Central Coast, CA which was awesome.  I’m actually looking into buying a case today.

We didn’t eat a lot but everything made me want to go back and have a full meal at a later date.  We split 2 appetizers and one main course.  Grilled octopus, tomatoes, potatoes and a chorizo vinaigrette was not at all what I expected.  Grilled octopus cut into small slices mixed up with halved cherry tomatoes and chopped up frisse lettuce.  A chopped salad.  The vinaigrette warmed the dish with tiny pieces of chorizo in it.  Really delicious.  We also split warm goat cheese profiteroles.  The goat cheese was loaded with herbs and I found the profiteroles a little too dense.  I was expecting something light and fluffy.  On the side was roasted red peppers which didn’t really make the dish.  For a main course we split the braised lamb shank.  This was excellent.  Large lamb shank, the meat just about to come off the bone served over small halved brussel sprouts that were crunchy, mashed celery root like mashed potatoes and little pieces of lardon which were cooked really crispy. 

I liked the vibe.  I will definitely make plans to return.  Lots of thought when into this restaurant.  There is more on the menu that I’d really like to try.