Stuff Happens

Webpage_image489_1I finally used my membership with the Public Theater this past weekend.  This play made it worth supporting them this year.

Stuff Happens is a new play written by David Hare.  The play is about the events that happened starting with 9/11 to the Iraq war.  The play shows the story of how and why we went to war.  As someone who has followed this closely, the play is spot on.  Of course the actual conversations that took place between George Bush and Tony Blair or George Bush and Colin Powell when they were alone are not facts but dialogue  based on factual information, sources etc. 

It is quite a powerful play.  3 hours long.  The acting is superb.  Certainly as the falsification of information which is the reason for us going into war unfolds daily, it is really remarkable to watch live what apparently went on.  Watching the events of the past 6 years unfold over there hours packs a huge punch.

Poor Colin.  They really screwed him.  Condi is played brilliantly and spot on.  Tony Blair is used.  Bush is semi clueless but you really aren’t sure.  Rummy is frightening and Cheney is just as scary.

I took Jessica to see this.  She is into politics.  She asked some questions but she left really having a much better idea of what exactly took place.  Also, how politics works which is the scariest or saddest part. 

My favorite part was when the play ended someone from the audience shouted "somebody, please tell me this isn’t true."  That sort of sums up the whole play.  It is like watching Watergate unfold again.