The Devil Wears Prada

Anne_hathaway1When the girls found out we were going to a screening of The Devil Wears Prada, they jumped.  This is the ultimate chick flick regardless of age.

The movie/book is loosely based on Vogue magazine.  Meryl Streep plays the editor in chief, Anne Hathaway plays her latest assistant straight out of college and Stanley Tucci plays side kick to editor in chief.  All great actors. 

The plot is pretty simple.  Girl graduates college with visions of being a journalist with a soul  She takes a job working for the Devil (editor in chief of the top fashion magazine).  She could care less about clothes and fashion but realizes that this job could help her get where she wants to go.  She is transformed into a fashion goddess.  Her friends and boyfriend are disgusted with who she has become.  All she does is work.  Hello, it is first job out of college, didn’t we all work like dogs?  In the end she realizes that she must be true to herself.  Simple. 

So what did I like about the film?  The acting is great.  The clothes are simply spectacular.  Watching Anne Hathaway’s character transform into a fashion maven put a smile on my face.  She wears the clothes well.  I was in the schmata business which is the low-moderate end of the fashion world.  I have always loved fashion.  I have been getting a monthly subscription to Vogue since my Freshman year in college. 

We all walked out of the movie with big smiles on our face.  If it wasn’t so late, I would have gone shopping. 

The movie comes out June 30th.

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  1. Pamela

    Thanks for this review. Had high hopes for the flick after seeing the trailer and reading the book. Glad it looks fun!