Union Square Is Still Delicious

Images_6Union Square Restaurant is truly a New York institution.  I believe that the restaurant recently celebrated the 20th anniversary.  That alone is an achievement.  But the biggest achievement of all is that the food is still excellent.  The service is still fantastic.  The vibe is just as hip and modern and alive as it was 20 years ago. 

I used to go for dinner on occasion and for lunch quite often but haven’t been in awhile.  My Mom loves Union Square so we met at the bar for dinner last night.  What a treat!  The staff will let you sit there forever.  They never rush you.  They just want to make sure that your experience was stellar.  It says alot when there are a few people waiting to take over your empty chair. 

We began with a salad that I am going to attempt to replicate this weekend.  A mixture of light greens served over thinly sliced peaches.  The salad also had a halves of pitted cherries and sweet caramelized pecans.  Dressed with a sweet white balsamic reduction and shavings of manchego cheese.  This was delicious.  Light, summery, sweet, refreshing.  Yum.  I’m running out to buy some white balsamic vinegar. 

For dinner, we split an entree. Baked and falling off the bone duck rubbed under the skin with a peppery lemon flavoring, served with Swiss chard and another vegetable which I can’t remember.  Delicious.  Crispy skin, right seasoning accompanied by the right vegetables. 

After 20 + years my patronage will continues.  Always good.  Always changing.  A+

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  1. Dory

    Ha. I was there for lunch yesterday (totally forgot about restaurant week…) and you’re absolutely right! Everything was superb.

  2. W. Anderman

    Still an Institution!

    UnSqRst remains one of the top 3 recommendations that transplanted right coasters give our friends on the left coast as the “must do for at least lunch” when hoofing it through the village on a visit.

    Would that have been Bok Choy or Chard; and Rhubarb as the evasive veggie?