Barbounia is located at 20th and Park.  I’d say over the past 15 years 3 different restaurants have lived in that location.  I have been to them all.  Barbounia is the latest. 

Greek/Mediterranean food.  The decor is blue and white – no surprises there.  Clean, simple, elegant.  The bathrooms in the back are co-ed.  5 doors opening into a multi-tiled room with 3 huge white concrete sinks.  I really like the whole decor. 

Images_18I went for lunch.  The space is quite big and even though we were one of very few people in the restaurant, I didn’t feel like we were lost in space.  My guess is dinner is much more crowded and I’d be interested in seeing the noise level since the ceilings are really high. 

The menu is simple and not a lot to choose from but a variety of sides and sharing plates.  For lunch there one of the options is 4 different souvlakis.  One chicken, one beef, one shrimp and one lamb served over a simple Greek salad.  I went with the chicken. Tender spicy piece of chicken served over some greens and feta, halved Greek olives (no pits), cucumbers and cherry tomatoes in a light vinaigrette.  Really nice.  We also split the large beans to taste on the side.  Big beans sitting in a large pot filled with lots of butter but the beans were cooked just perfectly. 

I really liked Barbounia.  Looking forward to returning for dinner.