I am from..

Jessica sent this poem to me last night.  She is very proud of the work she did on this poem and wanted to share it with me.  I find these poems so insightful.  Emily did one this fall too.  Here is Jessica’s take on the poem "Where I’m from"..

“Where I’m From”
by jessica wilson

I am from fluffy pillows,
From frosted cheerios and the art of delicious sushi,
I am from rubber bands, metal, and finally,
the feeling of newly freed teeth.
I am from 16 military wives and a pink robot named yoshimi,
I am from trigonometry and from parabolas,
I am from card games and craisins,
From family dinners and sliced turkey,
I am from Manhattan and Amagansett,
From Barney: the purple dinosaur and the store.
I am from friends who finish your sentences,
From politics and truth,
From getting bored easily but always wishing I could go back to normal,
I am from large quantities of water being consumed.   
From over – achievers and those who couldn’t care less,
I am from falling asleep at High Holiday services,
Waking up just in time to sing the sh’ma.
I am from family: the ones who sit in traffic with you, who you can’t help being proud of, and who repeat themselves over and over until there is nothing left to discuss.
I am from Emily and Josh,
Mom and Dad,
I am from Lucky, my golden retriever who I am allergic to but can’t help loving. 
I am from knowing blackberries mean phones and not fruit, and I am from them being a major part of my parents’ day. 
I am from knowing Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, and Cape Town,
But still exploring New York City, my home of eleven years. 
From discovering new things and following old trends
I am from needing loud noises to put me to sleep, and that one moment of silence that makes your day.
I am from a time where nobody remembers life without his or her ipod. 
I am from tough losses and great wins,
From a game of basketball being trickier then your algebra final you took hours before.
Organized, yet why do I always misplace important things?
I am from lighting menorahs, from decorating Christmas trees. 
I never remember dreams; they are hidden from me when I’m awake, but come back when I am asleep again. 
I am from the moment you crawl into bed and continue a dream that could one day come true.