Nobu Miami

ShorehotelEvery year I say that I am going to go to Art Basel next year and I don’t.  This year, if it wasn’t for my friend conference calling me with her travel agent on the other end having already booked everything for me, I probably wouldn’t have come but here I am.  I think the last time I was in Miami was probably 10 years ago.  A lot has happened in 10 years.

The "strip" of Collins Avenue is huge.  One big long shopping mall with restaurants and hotels mixed in between.  There is also a particular vibe about Miami.  It is the Latin vibe.  Miami is the porthole to or from South America depending on which way you look at it. 

Last night after checking in and washing up we walked down to Nobu for dinner.  I am literally just following my friend.  Whatever she has planned, I am good to go.  So Nobu last night, sure what time?

The restaurant is tucked behind the Shore Club Hotel.  The picture of the Shore Hotel is above.  Very ethereal.  I grabbed the picture on the way out.  Nobu on the other hand is completely different.  You can barely hear yourself think.  Not a drop of white in the entire place.  We were literally screaming at each other last night. 

The food was awful.  The service wasn’t so great either.  They would serve us a dish and then we would get another dish like 20 minutes later at best.  The menu is the same all over the world but doesn’t exactly taste the same.  The rock shrimp tempura in NYC is light and spicy and served over a salad.  Down in Miami the tempura was thick and almost inedible served on a tiny place.  The waitress had recommended a few things, one of them having garlic in it.  I told her I didn’t eat garlic.  We ended up with a sashimi plate that had a small pile of raw sliced garlic on it.  I had no idea that it was garlic.  BTW, if you were a good waitress you would have made a note not to put amy garlic on the plate.  I ate a piece and am still feeling the repercussions this morning.  If it wasn’t for being hungry and drinking lots of sake, I wouldn’t have eaten as much as I did.  So disappointing.  Nobu has become the McDonald’s of sushi.  I think now would be the time for the Myriad Group to consider selling. 

We strolled down Collins on the way home.  The streets are jammed.  The air is hot and humid.  I’m looking forward to a day in the art world.  More later.

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  1. wa

    Why did you not ask dear? Sheryl and I nixed them a few months ago right after your “the name is not the chef” post. You were right. We also nixed the Shoreclub after staying that weekend. (Too many 20 somethings performing tonsilectomies on each other in all the public spaces)

    We spent Thursday to Sunday in South Beach last week, since postponing Paris due to Thanksgiving’s tragedy which threw us for a big loop.

    Hit Sushi Samba on Collins. Casual, relaxed, and the service as was the presentation: Really really good! (It is a dangerous-nerve-racking-endeavor to make a restaurant rec to you, but we got very lucky there last week.)