Department of Motor Vehicles

The DMV is probably one of the grimmest places to go.  Bureaucracy could be used as a definition for the DMV.  Nobody seems happy there either.  The people that work that just sort of grunt. 

Today Jessica and I went to the DMV so she could get her Learners Permit.  A total wow since I actually remember getting mine.  I also remember getting my drivers license and begging my Mom to let me take my brother and sister out for ice cream, the first night I got my license, in the pouring rain.  God knows why she said yes but we got there and back safely except for the mail box I took out in someones driveway.  A total miscalculation on my part.  Luckily, I have never taken down another one since.

We got to the DMV, stood in the first line to find out where we needed to go and what paperwork to fill out.  Then we got in the second line to take the written test with all of the proper materials (US passport, birth certificate etc.).  We quickly realized that we had forgot her Social Security card.  Jessica was so set on getting her permit today.  So, I told her to wait in line and I’d rush home and get the card.  I flew downstairs, jumped on my handy Vespa, raced home, grabbed the card, raced back, parked the Vespa, ran upstairs and literally Jessica was the first in line.  They called next, she looked sideways, and there I was.  We both started laughing.  It couldn’t have been better timed.  I actually thought by the time I got back, she’d be in the same place she was when I left.

She had her picture taken and went into another line for the test.  I was not allowed in there since I was not taking a test.  I waited and waited.  Success, she had passed.  Now another line, to pay.  We waited and waited and finally her number was called.  $75 bucks, 2 hours later, she has her drivers permit.

Congratulations Jess.  Welcome to the road.

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  1. Brouhaha

    Great story, GG. I love my Vespa for the same reason. So conveninent to zip around the city fast when you need to!

    Hey, BTW we’re holding Scooter BlockParty NYC on June 9th and 10th. Most of the activities begin at the Brass Monkey in the meat-packing district but knowing you and Fred, you’ll be most interested in our Saturday BBQ at Brooklynbretta on Sackett St. We’ve got 3 local bands playing from 4-8 pm, the New Lines, GLINT and Strange But Surf. And it’s all free!

    Hope you can stop by for some of the fun. Details can be found at the New York Scooter Club web site, Hope you can drop by!