ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair)

I haven’t walked the Javits Center in a long time.  I forgot how incredibly overwhelming and large it is.  Sunday, the ICFF was the event. 

We are in the process of figuring out what our next place is going to look and feel like.  I really enjoy the entire process.  It wouldn’t be such a bad thing, for us, to do it every couple of years.  I love the new new. 

I got the fair and had no credentials to get in.  I was "the public".  I was meeting the person we are working with there so I waited so I could be her "guest".  If I had made up some cards with my name and company on it, I could have got in with no problems.  I just found the process a bit comical but I followed procedure.

Thank god, I was a guest.  The woman we are working ( who happens to be fantastic )with had already plotted out each booth that she wanted me to see so we had a plan.  I like plans.  But after two hours of trekking up and down the aisles, I was shattered.  But, it was incredibly inspiring. 

It is interesting to see what the vendors are introducing to the world.  New stones, different fabrications, new and improved textiles, different flooring, etc.  Some of it is just god awful but there is a customer for everybody and some of absolutely fantastic, as far I am concerned.

It was fun to be back.  Tiring but fun.