Johnette Napolitano

I was sent the new disc just released of Johnette Napolitano

There are some original songs and the covers a few songs too.  Her voice is sultry, song and intense.  My guess is she puts on quite a concert.  She reminds me a bit of PJ Harvey.  Those intense girl songs with lots of bravado.  If you like PJ or Bjork or maybe even Patti Smith this a CD definitely worth picking up and listening to.  Not exactly my cup of tea.  But, the single The Scientist that Johnette covers from Coldplay is excellent.  Her voice, the pauses, very acoustic is really good.  I will absolutely download that one song and put it on a playlist for the summer.  That is the beauty of music today.  Has the music industry got that yet?

Based on what I have read about Johnette, she has a pretty serious fan base.  Not surprised.  Her niche is a pretty hard core audience.  Unfortunately, that would not be me.