It is hot in Florence.  I’d say around 95ish, no humidity.  We walked until we dropped today. My feet actually hurt.  We hit a few of Jessica’s highlights.  Wow. 

First stop, Olio Convivium where we picked up some balsamic vinegar.  You know you are in Florence when a store looks like this.  Also, whenOlio_2
they give you each a biscotti cookie that was so dense with huge chunks of chocolate just because you were talking about how beautiful the cookies looked.  The store itself was just exquisite.

Then we walked over to Gustapanino, where they know Jessica.  We split 2 of the best piadines I have ever had.  It is a wrap, in Italian. The bread was thin and crispy.  Ingredients were fresh and delicious.  We  had Gustotwo to split.  One was Italian tuna, mozzarella, lettuce and tomato.  The other was smoked turkey breast,  spicy salami spread (sounds wierd but think olive paste with salami), provolone and marianated eggplant.  Delicious.  The sandwiches/wraps cost $3.50 euros.  The best deal in Florence.

After more walking and resting we ended up at Hemingways for a late afternoon treat.  A small cafe that is about ice cream, coffee, liquers and chocolates.  We split a few things.  We had a fresh fruit drink called San Francisco.  Orange, pineapple, peach, lemon and apple.  A total mouth freshener.  Then we had the best milkshake I have ever had, hands down.  Strawberry gelato and balsamic vinegar.  Needless to say IHeming_2
got the recipe on the way out.  1/4 cup balsamic ( around ), 1/2 cup milk (around) and 3 scoops strawberry gelato.  This is definitely something to try out when we get home.  Then we had a mixture of chocolate tastings.  Very original and absolutely sublime.  We bought a huge mixed box to bring to the gang in Greece.

Tonight we are hitting up our favorite restaurant in Florence, Fuor d’Aqua.  Only here for 36 hours but I am absolutely getting my food fill in. 

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  1. ellen

    What about the jewelry shops? I got some of my best pieces in Florence. What about the gloves and leathers and silks?

    At one time there was a shop called C.O.I. My favorite everyday ring came from there. I wonder if it is still there?

    I know you are a foodie and are tired, but you have to keep on shopping.