If this doesn’t call for Impeachment, what does?

What is wrong with this picture?  Our former surgeon General, Richard Carmona, has just testified to Congress about the true interactions of this Administration.  I am outraged. 

Carmona was told that he was not allowed to talk about stem cells, emergency contraception, sex education, or prison, mental and global health issues.  Why?  He was told not to.  Is it because of big business and the Religions right, who knows.  Does anyone actually think that is the best thing for our country.  Don’t talk about the issues or let people (that is you and me) know about the realities of second hand smoke.  But the big kicker is he was ordered that when ever he was to give a speech, Carmona had to mention President George Bush’s name at least three times during a speech.   What’s up with that?

To me, this is a bit of an eye opener into what goes on behind the White House walls.  Not that we are so surprised but enough already.  What is congress waiting for?  Suppressing more information to the American public.  Isn’t that reason for impeachment?  This dictatorship is gone in 18 months whether they like it or not.  As I am going out to watch Harry Potter tonight I can’t help but think that Dick Cheney is Voldemort, the evil doer behind all of this insanity because Bush is too much of a coward.

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  1. fred

    sadly, it’s not gonna happen.

    we’ll have to get him out the time honored way.

    term limits and voting the GOP out of office.

    that will happen.

  2. scott dalferes

    Incredible! But nothing really surprising to me anymore with this administration. Ron Paul 2008?

  3. ellen

    Between censorship and no privacy,we have some mighty big problems.

    (Let us just make sure Mitt doesn’t get elected. Just “love” the new manatory health care here in Massachusetts. My Blue Cross just went up an additional $600 a month so now I will be paying $24,000 a year. So now the poor people pay even though they can’t afford the new medical policies, and the middle class pay even more. This is outrageous. I thought our Blue Cross premiums were suppose to get better not worse)

  4. bonny

    It reminds me of writing I did to be submitted to congress where I was not allowed to indicate that adolescents are having premarital sex. Although the article was about protecting young teenagers from pregancy I had to use the phrase “contracepting adults” throughout! I won’t event tell you how they butchered the stem cell content!

  5. Liberals_And_Intelligence_Don't_Mix

    one wonders how this any different from leftist ideologues preventing books such as tom sawyer from being in public libraries or groups like greenpeace equating nuclear energy with nuclear bombs (yes – the ubiquitous cooling tower with the mushroom cloud).

    or, what about the duke 88, the group of 88 left-wing reality-impaired stalinists that tried, convicted, and sentenced the duke lacrosse players with nary of an apology. in fact, these bush’s of the left stand in even more repulsive defiance when asked to apologize. they should be fired. unfortunately, unlike bush, these idiots have tenure.

  6. angela coors

    Bill Moyers: Impeach Bush & Cheney

    This is definitely worth a look… In this clip PBS’ Bill Moyers sits down with The Nation’s John Nichols and conservative constitutional attorney Bruce Fein from the American Freedom Agenda to discuss the crimes and abuse of power by George Bush and Dick Cheney and the need to impeach them both. While Nichols and Fein come from different ends of the political spectrum, they are in total agreement on this issue. Congress must put impeachment on the table because if they do nothing to stop Bush and Cheney now, we will see future presidents follow in their footsteps which would be a disaster for our country.