PNC, Holmdel NJ

I grew up going to outdoor concerts every summer.  We went to Merriweather Post Pavillion which I remember being a great forum.  Last night we went to the Art Center Bank in Holmdel NJ to see Ben Folds (first up) and John Mayer.  Not a great forum.

Driving takes about 40 minutes from downtown NYC.  Unfortunately, the PNC is not really equipped for the kind of traffic they get.  Or more to the point, it is what it is.  It took us longer to get into the place than it did getting there.  Once we parked, in a very far away area, walked up to the arena, attempted to find a place and sit down, we were all pissy.  But, we mellowed out and had out picnic (thanks for Emily who made it and served it).  Baguettes scooped out with a spicy mustard, grilled chicken breasts sliced, grilled lettuce, sliced tomatoes and thin slices of goat Gouda.  Quite delicious.  Also, in our Chinese containers grilled asparagus and grilled cherry tomatoes for the side. 

By the time we got there, Ben Folds was already rocking. We couldn’t see a thing.  The picture of of the view is below.Jersey_view_2

The crowd was packed to way over capacity.  We ate our dinner, enjoyed the weather and the company.  Ben finished and John came on.  We had seen John Mayer before.  He is okay in concert, not great although he does play a mean guitar.  We really came for Ben.  So after a few songs, we all looked at each other and decided to leave.  Why bother with the traffic when we had our fill.  So, off we went. 

I am pretty sure that going to PNC again will not be in my near future or far future but it was an adventure.