XV Beacon

Where to stay in Boston?  If you are ever in Boston and looking for a small intimate high end hotel, check out XV Beacon.  Located at 15 Beacon Street,  of course.  A few steps from the State House, around the corner from the Commons, a few blocks from Copley and a stones throw from Faneuil Hall.  All and all, a great location.

The rooms are spacious and inviting.  More like a wonderful guest room than a hotel.  Comfortable beds, lush towels, great sheets, good layout, spacious bathrooms and many products to choose from mostly from Fresh, that began in Boston.  One thing which I had never seen before was when you check in they give you a small package of cards for your stay.  Our name is on the card (business card) with the address and phone numbers of our room and the fax number that goes directly to your own room.  Loved that. 

The restaurant is downstairs and worth checking out.  Our favorite touch was the elevators.  Old world elevators.  Glass doors with rod iron grids to peak through to see the red leather booth.  Very very cool.

They (that would be the designer extraordinare Celeste Cooper) has taken the modern world and incorporated it into the old world.  Perfectly Boston.  Keeps the charm of the old world that New England still reeks of. 

No questions of where we will stay when we return. 

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  1. ellen

    Exactly, where I would have stayed.

    I enjoy visiting New York but find Boston a more manageable city. As I get older I don’t drive in as often. I use to go into Boston at least 5 days a week. Shop and dine etc. Many of my friends have sold their homes here in the suburbs and moved to a condo or townhouse intown or else they still live here in the burbs and buy a coop in New York for their city life.

    Next time visit the new ICA. I think you might enjoy it. Remember, we don’t get new stuff very often.