Anti-War Protest

There was a huge anti-war protest on the streets of NYC today from Union Square down to lower Manhattan.  It is quite amazing that we are in a war that nobody talks about, protests about, we don’t see every day and our National budget is being drained over and too many of our young men and women are being killed for.  Enough already. 

Needless to say, the traffic in NYC today was a disaster.  We did some driving running errands because on top of the traffic, it poured.  I like tooling around downtown NYC.  There is so much change going on.  The area of Lafayette between Prince and Houston is exploding, the lower area of Nolita around Mott and Broome is beginning to explode too.  There is a building going up on Hudson and 13th which is going to add to the changes happening in those few blocks.  The new and different shops go into these new areas, the rents rise and then eventually these areas look like a shopping mall like Bleeker Street which had such potential.   Alas, at least there as still some sunny spots on Bleeker.   

Jessica and I were stuck in lots of traffic but got to take in the changes.  Lots going on in NY these days.  It is fun to watch and speculate.