Curbed, Eater and Racked

I have been reading Curbed from the very beginning.  Loved the concept.  Then came Eater.  Loved that too.  If you are a foodie, it is a "must read", and then there is Racked which is all about shopping.  Now they have branched out to LA and SF.  All easy to access to on the top page of any of these sites. 

I am thrilled to be an angel investor in Curbed (the umbrella of the entire organization).  As a reader of blogs and watching the industry from my small bird’s eye seat, I have found these sites to be exactly what I am looking for.  Quick, easy, must know information. 

I am looking forward to being part of their growth.  I have asked friends to read all of the sites and am interested in their comments.  Feel free to look and make comments yourself on this post. 

Thanks for Curbed for letting me be part of the team. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. rachel

    love love all three. for whatever reason curbed commenters are horrendous (and have been for a while)-they are really not insightful – I hope they will work on monitoring them better…kindof like chowhound. I can’t believe curbed revealed the sale of your house since you are an investor.

  2. Lock

    Joanne, the pleasure is of course ours.

    Rachel, it’s true that the Curbed commenters can get a little crazy, though they also bring so much good intelligence to the table that they’ve become an absolutely vital part of the site. In order to try to give commenters a greater incentive to behave, we introduced a new commenting system a few weeks back that lets users build a reputation, and gives other registered users the ability to follow — or block — commenters they love or hate. Definitely a work in progress, but I’m happy with how it’s working out so far. Thanks for reading!

  3. jill Stern

    Found out about Curbed when they put our condo in their Pricespotting column. I have been reading it since then and i really like it! Good Luck with it!