The boys and a girl…

Josh’s band played at the LREI coffeehouse on Saturday night.  The 4 Fellas have a new addition, a girl.  A girl with a serious set of pipes.  She is cute, hip and has lots of moxie.  It is only a matter of time before she takes over the stage.  The boys definitely have the music down.  I was quite impressed.  I know, I’m the mother but I wasn’t the only one impressed.  They did a Pat Benatar song.  I’m not a big Benatar fan but their lead singer had it down. 

So, will they be called the 4 Fellas and a Girl?  We have gone through a litany of names and are still working on it.  Eventually they’ll figure it out.  They figured out the new addition and that is definitely a home run.

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  1. fred wilson

    someone suggested on my blog that the stay with the alliteration, FF

    like Five Freaks