I met a few friends for drinks last night in the neighborhood.  Thinking I should give Dell’anima one more shot, we met there. 

I like the open space and big window on to the street but that is all.  The place was not that crowded.  They still have not figured out that the ventilation is awful and the place gets smoky and smells burnt off and on.  The service is lacking.  Takes quite long for food to come out of the kitchen considering it isn’t that busy.  I had a martini that was so shaken that it was cloudy which I have never seen.  The food was so laden in garlic that I woke up tasting garlic all night long.  Not only garlic laden but not that good.

Perhaps the location is good and it  will survive as a local spot but my guess is that unless there is a change in who is cooking and attempt to fix the ventilation, deathwatch is sooner than later.  Too bad.