Day 2, Sydney

Yesterday was fantastic.  We started out at Bill’s for breakfast.  Don’t tell me how much butter or cream was in everything we ate because it was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had.  We went to the original in Darlinghurst, there are now 2 others.  The restaurant is light and airy on a corner with windows open to the street.  Simple white walls, brown floor and an open kitchen.  Very Californian. 

Josh went with the ricotta hotcakes which were probably the best pancakes ever.  Light, airy, sweet with a roasted banana on top and syrup.  Em went with the oatmeal that had roasted rhubarb and brown sugar to top it off.  Jess went with the granola that had roasted apples over the top.  Both delicious.  I believe the oatmeal was made with cream.  Fred was a tad under the weather and only managed the toast.  I had my favorite, scrambled eggs.  Rich, soft and delicious.  Almost didn’t taste like eggs, my guess is massive cream.  I had sliced tomatoes on the side and roasted organic sour dough bread.  Not to miss the fresh squeezed orange juice or coffee either.  A large hot coffee that was strong and delicious.  This meal carried me to dinner.  Who would have thought?

We left Bills and took a taxi down to the Quay Circular and grabbed a ferry up to Manly beach.  What a great quality of life.  Tons of teenagers who live in Sydney grab a ride on the ferry and hang out at the beach surfing for the day.  Pretty damn sweet.  The views fromOpera_house
the water change your entire perspective. Also, the nicest ferries I have ever been on.

Manly reminds me a bit of Laguna Beach.  Once you get off the ferry you walk through a town that has stores and food, nothing to really write home about but a cute beach town.  The beach is wide which is nice so that people can play on the beach.  The water is cool but tons of surfers and the markers are set for your level.  Nice touch.  We hung here for a few hours and made our way back into town.


When we got back into Sydney we walked over to the Rocks Market which is only open on Sundays.  A total pass.  Very touristy.  Reminded me of Faneil Hall erected for the day.  But we did get to stroll through the Rocks en route to see what that part of town was like during the day.  A bit disneyworldesque.  Not an area I’d spend much time in. 

We went back to relax at the hotel.  Dinner at was 730 back in Darlinghurst where we had breakfast in the morning.  We ate at Fish Face.  Sydney’s version of Mary’s Fish Camp.  Sweet.  The food was absolutely fantastic.  A tiny little restaurant, open windows, dining on the street, and high cocktail tables for eating that allow you to see the open kitchen as they cook.  We had a delicious bottle of white wine from New Zealand.  Started with the special salad of the day.  Poached shrimp, sliced peaches, watercress and a lemon oil.  Wow.  We also had some sashimi and trout handrolls.  Josh went for the sushi plate.  For dinner we all had fish.   Jess and Fred went with the snapper perfectly cooked.  Crispy skin over a potatoes and peas in a large white bowl.  Em had the special fish (she grabbed the last one of the night) and I went with the Blue Fish, not like Atlantic blue fish.  The skin was thinly sliced potatoes that had been placed over the skin and crispy.  It was all absolutely fantastic.  They really know how to cook fish.  We even went for dessert.  Puffed pastry tart with a bit of creme inside and sliced fresh strawberries.  All and all a huge hit.  Wish Fish Face existed in the West Village.  It would become my local haunt. 

Home and back to bed. 

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  1. rachel

    I’m living vicariously through you guys – I love that you are posting while you’re there and not all at once when you get home. Studied in Sydney a few years ago in college and went last year for vacation. They really know how to live, eat and enjoy life. No one could understand when I told them on nice days in NYC new yorkers are not in their sailboats at 4pm. There are many things to learn from them. Enjoy and have a great time — thanks for letting me enjoy it with you.