From the world down under

Flew into Sydney yesterday morning.  Quite an efficient customs system and the people are so friendly.  We made our way over to the hotel to start out on our way.  I had paid for one room the night we were on the plane to insure we had a place to hang and shower at 9am when we got there s. waiting until 4 for our room to open up.  It was definitely the way to go. 

We are staying at the Establishment which reminds all of us of the Mercer Hotel.  We are in the business district so perhaps not the best location but certainly a great cool hotel. 

The weather was not optimal so instead of hitting up the beaches we made ourFish_market_2
way over to the Fish Market.  Stalll and stalls of fish vendors.  You can eat there or take home fresh fish.  We sampled some oysters and sushi.

Afterward, we attempted to get taxis over to the Waterloo suburb.  Taxis are not that easy to come by in certain locations.  Also, they really need to know the exact location of town that you plan on going to.  We ended up directing them where to go which is pretty hilarious since we just got into town for the first time ever. Each area has the same street names so it is tough.  The cost to take a taxi is exorbitant.  Working on public transportation for tomorrow.  We went to Sopra Cafe which is on Dank Street in an area that was once a bunch of warehouses.   The cafe sits on top of a market similar to a Gourmet Garage yet more spread out and less options.  There is also an area that gives cooking courses.  Very cool.  Simple fresh Italian food.  Salads, pasta, delicious stuff zucchini blossoms, and fish. 

This particular area has a variety of galleries which we walked through are lunch.  Some galleries are solo while others are grouped together in a building.  My guess is this area will continue to grow.  From Dank Street around the corner to Young there are more funky modern furniture stores and a few more restaurants.  All modern with large windows looking over the street.

After this we decided that we’d walk.  What a walk.  We walked from Waterloo through Darlington and then Paddington and then Surrey. Not sure I have that in the right sequence. It was certainly a good way to get a feel for the city.  Paddington has lots of shopping.  The girls hit up a few stores.  Then they took us down Hutchinson Street where is Collete Dinnigan (one of the top Australian designers).  The street is small and really cute.  We hit up each store.  Our favorite was probably the vintage store that had fantastic stuff from the 60’s. 

At this point we were wiped and went back to the hotel.  We had dinner at Yoshi at 730.  Yoshi has three options.  Each a tasting course with sushi at the back end and each run a different amount per person.  Josh had no interest in eating and so the rest of us ate.  We ordered the Saqura Course.  Scallop cake served with Japanese spring vegetable with Wasabi flavored bonito, a mixture of Ocean trout wrapped with pear and served with Kimizu, blue crab and goats curd avocado roll (smaller than the end of your thumb), grilled pacific oyster in a matsumae style sauce, deep dried kanpyou marinated with ginger juice and soy cumquat and foie gras mousse pie.  Next out was oven baked sliced abalone which was baked in a salt encrusted shell and seaweed which you opened to find the fish inside.  Next fried duck breast in a Jibuni style port wine flavor, and then the white fish wrapped in seaweed and green tea soba noodle. Ok, at this point Fred was literally sleeping at the table.  We had been there about two hours.  It was 930 at night about 5am our time.  Luckily we had a game to play with us, Apples to Apples, where we go nowhere without.  I asked them to bag the rest and just bring out the sushi.  Perhaps they went out to the ocean to catch it but the meal their is very long and slow.  I realize that Yoshi has been given 2 hats for the past couple of years perhaps because of the creativity of the food but taste wise, I’d pass.  It did nothing for me. 

We walked home and literally crawled into bed.  Today, beach. 

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  1. Dhrumil

    The inside of Sopra reminds me of a place in San Fran called Medicine.

    Great post. I’m inspired to visit.