Gun Laws?

The string of shootings at Universities is upsetting, disturbing and should set up a signal about gun laws.  At least it should set up a signal about gun laws.

After the shootings in Virgina, the state decided to do basically nothing in altering the gun laws.  Why?  Why? Why?  Because it is our right to own a handgun or because it is the right of the NRA to spend millions on lobbyists and campaigns to make sure that laws aren’t passed that make it difficult for anyone to carry a gun. Guns for what?  Shooting people?  Definitely a high powered rifle is used for shooting birds and deer…right? 

From the look of the momentum behind Obama’s campaign, he will be not only the Democratic candidate but the next President of the United States.  Watching him speak the other night was exciting standing in the middle of 18000 faces of different ethnic backgrounds, young and old, woman, children and men vs. McCain who is surrounded with old white men who appear to have been resurrected from the grave to stand on the podium with him.  Old school vs. new school.  There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Barack Obama.  The old conservative men who had attempted to keep this country running for a long time overstepped their boundaries with their last candidate.  Our country appears to not be interested anymore in making the rich richer, ignoring gun control, not aiding the people that need help, dismissing immigrants, etc.  We want to be a world leader again with a different face that will refresh the values that America still stands for.   At least I hope so.

So, after saying that.  Obama will enter the White House with very few strings attached to groups.  He really won’t owe that many favors.  What is going to do about the NRA?  Nobody, not even after Jim Brady was almost fatally injured, the laws did not change as dramatically as they should have.  Will Obama make those changes?  Will he make it almost impossible to get a gun?  Will he create an environment where people don’t feel that they need to own guns?  Statistics have shown that more people are injured or killed by a gun when there is one in their own home by an accident.  Supposedly a gun makes someone feel safe having it in their house until their 5 year old finds it and shoots something by accident, like another person.  Makes no sense to me. 

I want to hear from Obama what he thinks of the recent shootings at campuses around our country and is he prepared to change the relaxed gun laws that have been kept at bay because of the NRA lobbyists?  As luck would have it, I am going to go to a fund raiser for Obama on Wednesday night and I plan on asking him just that.

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  1. JMForbes

    Exactly how would more gun laws have stopped the NUI shooting? the guy broke 14 different laws. And he isn’t around to be held accountable.
    The problem is as simple as enacting new laws. We have crazies buying guns and using them unlawfully.
    More to the point, why should law abiding citizens be punished because criminals break the law?
    Should students be allowed to carry guns for preemptive self-defense? Can’t you just see it now?
    the dude pops out from behind the curtain and students in the first three rows turn him into squishy sausage.
    Good post JoAnn,
    Jim Forbes

  2. Laura

    I think there are more pressing issues than gun laws in a case like NUI and other universities – namely MENTAL HEALTH issues. Ask not what is Obama going to do for gun laws – ask what is Obama going to do for Mental Health issues. Our country is ill-served when it comes to proper care. And it crosses socio-economic lines – the Ivy’s also have a huge share of students who are seeking mental health care….where is the care best? Why is there such crisis in mental health issues?

    If you were to take a peek on the University Campus today – perhaps as a fly on the wall of the Judicial Affairs Committee? – you would see cases that come up on campus that would simply horrify you. Campus isn’t what it was 20-25 years ago. There are a lot of mental health issues going on among the youth of this country – and it shows up everywhere. The rape stories are not just casual date-rape – they are brutal and depraved. The drug stories are not just casual use in the dorms – they are criminal in nature and economically driven….and often with violent outcomes. A look at the Campus Health Centers tells us that besides rape and drugs – there is acute depression and suicide and dealing with the many facets of bi-polar disorder. Grad students are cutting and asking for sleep meds because their babies keep them up at night.

    Why has our society become so ill? But, more importantly – how can we properly take care of the ill in our society?

    It’s not guns -it’s people. Our people need help.