It’s Snowing

It was dumping out this morning.  Fred, Josh and Jess went in to the back country while Emily and I contemplate our day. It is still questionable what we will do.

CNN is on mute while I watched Hilary make a speech today in North Carolina.  I admit, I voted for Hillary in the primary but at this point, I’ve had enough.  Enough of the every day polls that say Hillary supporters will vote for McCain.  Spare me.  I want to know what is truly happening in the back rooms at the DNC.  Is Schumer or Dean (where is he?) pressing for unity at this point?  How many months are the American people going to have to watch this contest which I believe is over.  The country has been through enough turmoil over the past 7 years.  Where we stand today is proof.  Bush continues to talk about how fantastic he is and how everything is just A-ok.  We can’t afford the war we are in, we are in debt up to our eyeballs, the rest of the world is not that happy with us, the dollar sucks, we are falling into a recession…need I go on?

Now is the time for unity within the Democratic party.  I hate to tell Hillary but she isn’t going to win.  Obama is going to be the Democratic candidate and hopefully be the next President of the United States.  Please don’t let this go until the convention.  We need unity now not only for the party but for the people of this country.  The endless backstabbing (coming mostly from the Clinton party) does not look good for anyone and it looks even worse for Bill’s legacy, at least in the short term. 

Hillary and Obama need to stand on a stage together and acknowledge the support of each other’s candidacy’s.  Take off the rose colored glasses and realize who is the front runner and move on.  The numbers point directly to Obama and the chances of Hillary winning now are slim to none.  I do not believe the slim part is worth the destruction that is being left in its path.  The newspapers can’t even afford to keep reporters on the daily trail anymore.  Let’s unite and move on.  Make it grand and glorious and do it together on one stage.  Hillary must get out there, accept her loss, acknowledge Obama and hit the trail making sure he is the next President of the US.  Either Obama should pick Hill as his VP or pick someone who has a true understanding of global economics to get this country back in gear, such as Mike Bloomberg.  But for everyones sake, lets move on.

I, for one, have had enough.

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  1. abm

    She will not accept VP, and he should not have to. Compromise is not in the Clinton DNA. This has been demonstrated in his and her campaign shenanigans.

  2. ellen

    I hate the war and the thought of all our soldiers being mained for life and having to rely on the VA system for their healthcare. I hate that Cheney and his corrupt crew are profitting greatly from this war. I hate the lies we were told by the Bush administration to get us into a war yet, Iraq is an enemy to the State of Israel and anyone who has met survivors from the death camps in Poland feels that there must be a haven for Jewish people so something like those atrocities can never happen again.
    I am glad Hussein is gone, but now it is time to leave.

  3. Alex

    First time on the blog. Found you via Fred’s.

    Great post. I’m with you here. It’s time to move forward and start the metamorphosis process for the USA. The last seven years have truly taken our country back at least twenty years with foreign diplomacy policies.

    Just to add to a comment above regarding Chenney being in Iraq a few weeks back. There’s no question the man is smart and ruthless. But, the gull of him to use tax payer money to travel Iraq to start to make plans post November ’08 is truly outside the ethical limits. If anyone believes that he was there for our soldiers they are wrong. He was there to line up business for himself and his disciples after he leaves office.