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I got an email from someone yesterday.  Not really sure who they are but they named themselves as Career/Mom from VA.  Thought I'd share our email.  Interesting question but she seemed to like my answer. 

Joanne, Have you ever received e-mails from women who have a career they've decided they never really wanted? Even if it is successful? I think this is an interesting topic. I, myself am educated in the healthcare field, have always been a working mom. However, I was never truly the "ambitious" type who wanted to work 80 hours a week to achieve anything, other than harmony within the family. I would like to hear you opinion on this.

Thank you,
  Career/Mom from VA

I have heard from women in the same position as yourself.  It is an interesting topic.  Every one, including men, should make the choice that works for them and their family.  Otherwise, no one is happy.  The key is finding what makes you content.  If working 80 hours a week is what rocks your world, then by all means, do it.  If staying home even though you have a PHD from Harvard, then do it.  To me, life is all about finding your sweet spot.


Joanne, Well said! Thank you for responding to my e-mail. Career/Mom from VA

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  1. Charlie

    If only someone was building a company around helping people with their career questions!