Getting sick in Paris

We have now seen a glimpse into the French health care system……and that is a glimpse.

Josh woke up this morning and there was no doubt that his red bumps were not from a mosquito.  A tad freaked, I called the woman who is the care keeper of our apartment and she sent over a doctor.  The system we used was called SOS.  Of course, that is not under the free health care system but they were here within 15 minutes of the phone call.  Also, the total cost was 70 euros with a paper to send in to our insurance company in the states.  He diagnosed Josh with acne rosacea.  He also gave him a variety of different medications between a serious dose of antibiotics to an anti-itching pill to cream to medication in case he gets a headache and medication in case he vomits. 

Just to put things in perspective.  The last time I got sick somewhere that I needed a doctor, it cost us around $350 just for the visit.  This didn’t include the meds that the doctor supplied.  This morning, I took the prescription (which I got back after filling) and the entire thing cost me 30 euros.  That is meds for 10 days and 5 kinds. Dealing with the pharmacy, as I have blogged about earlier in our trip, was beyond pleasant and insightful.  She actually gave me a name of another doctor, just in case.  She was concerned that we lived in Manhattan and knows that doctors are hard to get to and very costly.  Funny how people perceive our system abroad.  She was not that far off track.  We(our family) just happen to have a great policy where the co-pay is $10 for just about anyone on the plan.  That would be an emphasis on, “on the plan”. 

The good news is that it appears that Josh is making a recovery.  Poor kid.  Not only that, with this medication, no dairy for 10 days.  That means no fromage.  Alas.  He is very bummed.

It rained today, very romantic.  The rain, as Emily said, creates an entire different vibe in the city.  It does in NYC too but you don’t notice because you are just going about your every day. 

Jess went off with her pals…back to the Richard Avedon exhibit.  Although Josh is contagious with serious contact, we decided that the 3 of us could at least venture out for lunch.  We went over to Cuisine de Bar which is the sandwich shop of Poilane.  Delicious.  The Blue Ribbon Bakery of Paris. 

We each began with a small salad ( it comes with the sandwich ).  Intense vinaigrette with stone ground mustard. There are about 10 different sandwiches to pick from.  All open faced.  Em and I went with the tuna fish sandwich.  Simple and lots of tiny pieces of celery chopped on top.  Josh went with the roast beef, rare sliced over a toasted piece of bread with a mustard mayonnaise, sun dried tomatoes and cornichons on the side.  All simple and the perfect lunch.  Josh went for the apple tarte tartine for dessert.  Lots of butter and caramelized apples and a crusty crust.  What could be bad?

We went home, Josh crashed.  As he needed.  It appears he is making a full recovery. 

We returned to the Crystal House.  The restaurant is so over the top.  I could have worn a gown and had my hair done up like Marie Antoinette.  Chandeliers dripping.  Silverware, glassware, plates…all by Baccarat.  Our food was also quite good.  Three of us began with a plate of veggie sauteed in serious butter and olive oil.  Jessica went with the tuna tartare.  A brick of chopped tuna and waffled made of celery.  For dinner, Josh had the veal. Cooked in a casserole and then after showing it to Josh, they took it out and served it on a plate, sliced.  The girls and I all had the red mullet.  Grilled with a lemon spinach confit and artichokes.  The best was the mashed potatoes.  That would be one potato and perhaps 3 sticks of butter.

After dinner ended, we walked into the museum.  It was only us.  Pretty special actually.  Jessica and I had been there last week.  We walked into the large room and just gaped.  It was pretty funny actually.  I took pictures of the kids playing around the room.  Thank god nobody came in on us.  I am not sure how appreciative they would have been.  Fred missed this one.  Not sure he would have liked the king and queen thing. 

We Metro’d is home.  The rain stopped.  Tomorrow is another day. 

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  1. Laura

    From my own experience with Rosacea….if he stays away from gluten and dairy it will clear up 1000X more quickly…my docs wanted me on Doxy for 3 months it was so horrid…and would just not go away…. I took the meds for one month and was done with them – the diet change worked. A lot of celiacs will tell you about their red welt-y faces before they were diagnosed….gluten is a huge culprit for the redness of rosacea.

  2. ellen

    I feel so sorry that Josh is not well during his exciting vacation.
    Thank heaven it was easily diagnosed. Back 30 yrs ago my girlfriend was in Israel and she almost died in the hospital with undiagnosed celiac. The year before one of the famed dermatologists here in Boston kept treating her for persistant acme and it was celiac all along. Hope this whole episode is just a temporary allergy to gluten and diary. The cheese must have triggered it.