We came, we saw, we left

We finally took a day trip.  Well, not exactly a day.  Everyone felt compelled to go to Versailles.  It is a no brainer from Paris.  You jump on the train at the St. Michel train station and off you go.  The first comment from the kids was, “we are in Scarsdale”.  Wouldn’t necessarily agree with that but I understood.  We were in the suburbs of Paris where there happened to be the palace where Marie Antoinette lived.

Perhaps we have seen too many castles, too many churches, or we can’t deal with crowds but our trip to Versailles was quite short.  We got to the main castle, did a walk through.  Well, a quick jaunt.  Then we hit up the gardens which are beyond magnificent.  Little fact that Fred shared with us at dinner is that the gardens of Versailles are over 2000 acres where Central Park is only 800.  The gardens have not changed for 400 years.  Beautiful but strolling through was not happening. 

I think the hardest part is the huge throngs of tourists.  What was wonderful being at the Baccarat museum was were in the room by ourself.  It was perfect.  Here we are in a historical palace with acres of gardens with tourists and cameras.  Yes, yes, we are tourists too but perhaps that is we like about cities.  TheyGardem
might be crowded but you can be anonymous. 

So, we probably took in all of Versailles in maybe an hour and a half.  We went back to Paris, had lunch at our favorite lunch spot next to Polaine, Bar de Cuisine.  After, we hit up Bon Marche to load up for the weekend.  Monday is Bastille day and the town will be shut down on Sunday and completely closed on Monday. 

Josh, Fred and Emily took our groceries back and Jess and I did a bit of shopping.  It was a big day.  We were told about a store, Mona, no name on the front and a wonderful collection inside. 

We came home and rested.  For dinner, we went to Kai.  It was really refreshing to have Japanese food.  A small intimate restaurant on the Right bank right near the Louvre.  We sat next to a group of Parisians, couldn’t decide if they were related or not.  Jessica Girls
had seen the most of them at a club the other night.  They all were so chic just wearing jeans and sweaters. 

I liked Kai.  If you click on the link above to Kai, you can see pretty all of the pictures of what we ate. Sushi and sashimi to begin.  A miso eggplant to split.  Then different fish dishes with sesame sauces and spinach and veggies on the side.  Nothing omg, but good and different.  Nice vibe. 

Josh and Fred rode bikes home and the girls walked.  I really love the area by the Seine walking into the 6th where all the galleries are.  The girls were just looking over the Seine watching the lights.  We do love this town. 

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