What’s wrong with Josh

Gardens Josh woke up this morning and had a hard time opening one eyelid.  Ugh.  Fred and I went down to the pharmacy, where the woman has been incredibly helpful, and she called a dermatologist for us and got an appointment for Josh in the afternoon. 

Fred, Emily and Jessica went out to Solidays.  We have tickets for the outdoor all day concert.  We really just want to see Vampire Weekend and perhaps check out a few other bands but finding the schedule on line has been impossible.  So, they went out there to find out the deal.  Josh and I did our own thing while waiting for the doctor.

We walked over to the store that carries electronics, video games, xboxes, etc. and got Josh a game.  It is in french but he didn’t seem to mind.  Then we strolled over to the Luxembourg Gardens.  En route, had lunch at L’Auberge.  A departure for Josh.  We were sticking with the no dairy, no gluten thing so he we split a salad nicoise and a plate of grilled vegetables.  All good, nothing fancy. 

Another 10 minutes or so of walking and we came to the gardens.  The gardens are so beautiful.  VerySoccer
much like Central Park.  There is the water fountain with the sail boats where kids poke sticks in to get the boats moving.  There are kids playing soccer outside the gates.  People sunning, people playing tennis on the courts.  Lots of people just enjoying the day. 

Our doctor was back where we started so we walked back.  I sort of got us lost.  As much as I like the google maps system, I am not good a the North, South, East, West thing.  It takes me a while to figure out exactly which way I am going.  We putzed a little too long.  It is so cute in the Montparnasse area so we had to jump in a cab to get us there on time. 

The experience was comical.  The doctor had given us the code to get in the front door.  Keys are a thing of the past in Paris, at least to get in the front door.  There are small code panels on almost every building.  We got in and there was another code panel that was supposed to be there and wasn’t.  So, as all good Nyer’s do, we hit every button until someone answered.  Voila.  Someone answered and told us we were in the wrong building although we were told to go to 54, it was in 50. 

We walked over to 50 and followed the instructions again and got in and found the doctors office.  We were ushered in immediately.  Very nice guy although the language barrier was not the easiest.  He said Josh did not have acne roscea.  I am not surprised because that is generally face related and Josh’s rash is mostly on his limbs and back.  He said he got bit by something and then it spread, like an allergy.  Even though it began with one thing, it can spread with new ones daily.  At this point, who knows.  My experience with doctors over the past year has been frustrating so I truly don’t believe anyone.  But, we are going with the new meds.

The good news is that he gave us a topical medication that has cortisone and another pill and he should also take in addition to his other two pills.  We will see.  The best news is that Josh can return to the cheese and gluten.  That made him extremely happy and he wanted to go out and buy cheese.  Oh, and he is not contagious.  Everyone of course has been on edge that they are going to get it. 

We picked up dinner for the crew who has been making their way around the Marais through all the Jewish shops picking up challah and ruggelah.  Tonight we are going back to Solidays.  Jessica mentioned that Fred was the only person there over 20 years old so it should be interesting. 

C’est la.

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  1. Susan Solomon

    everyone here in amagansett is glad to hear josh is recovering… and can eat cheese again!

  2. ellen

    rash, swelling. If Josh was here I would say some type of Lyme related disease. But in France who knows what strange diseases “their” bugs carry. Hope the new guy figured it out. Remember it’s the “practice of medicine” and they practice until it goes away on its own. If Josh had celiac or a allergy to milk he would have major stomach problems.