Jessica is performing in the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.  It is quite cool.  The school has been asked, second time, to be part of the handful of High Schools that they ask to perform.  So, we came to see.

The last time I was in Edinburgh was in college.  Many many moons ago.  Needless to say, I am traveling a bit different this time.  Last time, I took a train from London and then hitchhiked around the area to see Loch Ness and St. Andrews.  Beautiful country.  This time, we have a driver and a nice hotel. 

We got in this morning, straight off the 2 hour delayed flight, to meet Jessica and have someone drive us up to St. Andrews.  Maybe a college option, maybe not, we will see.  The place has not changed much and certainly there is something magical looking at the 18th hole.

August weather is not something to write home about.  45 degrees and raining cats and dogs.  We walkedWilsontartan
the town, saw the school, had lunch, walked by the golf course and went back to Edinburgh  Oh, we also stopped in a kilt store where every "name" tartan exists.  This is full gear for the men, not the women.  Also, each tartan plaid has a name from years back.  I have pictured here the Wilson plaid.  Supposedly some Scottish blood on Fred's side of the family.

We came to to the hotel in Edinburgh where are staying, The Scotsman, and relaxed until dinner. 

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  1. casey

    you look beautiful!

  2. terra210

    Tartans are interesting. My father’s family (my last name too), is Scottish, and supposedly, there is a family castle in the northern part of Scotland. I always found it interesting that our name was a sect of a larger clan, (the Stewarts), so our tartan is Stewart…My ancestors eventually came to the states, (early 1900’s), and homesteaded as ranchers, in Paradise Valley, Montana on the Yellowstone river, (25 miles south of Livingston. Scotland reminds me of Montana. And although I live in Seattle, and was born here, I feel at home in Montana. The homestead in Montana, is still in our family. If I remember correctly, the north eastern part of Scotland (by our family castle), was invaded by the French numerous times. I think that is why the smaller sects joined the larger clans. Anyway, it was nice to read about your visit and experience it vicariously.

  3. gothamgal

    that is great family lore. when jessica pointed out the “wilson” tartan, i had no idea that each family had their own tartan heritage. obviously not from my side of the family or i would have been up on this.