The Kooks

I have missed out on Summerstage pretty much all summer but went to the last concert of the summer last night.  I have also been disappointed with the line-up for Summerstage the last summer or two.  I hope they step it up next year since Brooklyn's pool is closing and that seems to be where the indie bands performed this summer.  

Stellastar opened for the Kooks.  Total screw up on timing on my part.  Figuring the Kooks would come on around 9 and Stellastar would play until about 830ish.  Wrong.  We missed Stellastar.  We got uptown around 830 and could hear that the Kooks had just come on.  I had Emily and two friends, Josh and one friend with me.  The all freaked and starting running.  I was picking up some passes for myself and already had the kids tickets.  I just gave them their tickets and they bolted inside.  We all just found each other after the concert.  It was quite the mad rush.  Fun to watch the kids bolt.

 It wasn't crowded which was nice because the kids pushed their way to the front and I found a good spot quite near the stage too.  The music was great.  I particularly liked when they came back for an encore, Luke, the lead singer came out and did 2 acoustic songs.  His voice is quite incredible.  Nice closing to summer.  Being outside, listening to music while the air is still warm in the evening and the stars were out.  Very sweet.

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  1. Roary

    Pushed to the front? If I’m at a show, and someone pushes to the front, that person tends to be shamed by the crowd, and is singled out as being obnoxiously rude. There’s a certain expected politeness at shows, people should be up to par with it.McCarren isn’t closing, NY is just dumping $50m into making it a pool again. Funny, because a lot of things in that community could use the money way more. And for the record:A. Not only “indie” bands performed thereB. There are plenty of other venues.C. The Kooks don’t live up to the horrid hype.SummerStage, as I see it, is a wreck. I wouldn’t bother to see another show there. The people and the space are horrible.