Cornelia Day Spa

My friend and I treat each other every year to a birthday celebration.  It is something I really look forward to on both ends… the receiving and the giving. 

This year was a serious treat.  Such a treat that I am planning on returning soon.  Although I can't return often because I feel like a place like Cornelia Day Spa should always be a treat.

Located on 5th Avenue between 52/53rd on the 8th floor of the building.  I almost felt like we were flying over the city. 

We were led into the changing room.  You are given a locker where you punch in your own personal code for the day.  Very smart.  I have definitely switched robes with someone by mistake and realize that I have their key and visa-versa.  The room is simple, modern with large block marble floors.  A nice steam room in the back which is a must.  Prior to your treatments, you are led into the relaxing room while you wait for your appointment.

We both had a massage.  Mine was okay, my friends was great.  Regardless, I was feeling quite good.  Afterward we returned to the relaxing room where they give you hot neck warmers and tea.  There is also an array of delicious dried fruit.  After we had thoroughly melted into the lounge chairs, we went upstairs for lunch.

Glassed in restaurant on the top of the spa where there is also outdoor lounging and seating.  Would be great to return in warmer weather.  Lunch is delicious.  Wine is available too if you want to really go for it.
After gabbing at lunch, in our robes, we got dressed before our manicures and pedicures.

Pick your color of choice and they send you home with the bottle you chose.  Nice touch.  Oh, they also provide the hot neck warmer again while you have your treatment.  Paraffin is part of the treatment which really help for a serious recovery. 

You can, if you choose, have your hair done too.  What I really liked is the vibe and the service is really nice.  Also, the modern decor.  When we left, we were planning our next trip back.  Decadent, yes, but well worth the treat.