Something in the air

I seem to be a little bit on cruise control the last week or so.  I'm not that busy but there are many pots on the stove, per se.  I am doing the Mom thing from going to the soccer games to just taking care of nonsense but it as if there is something in the air and I can't quite explain it.

Josh played a school soccer game in Red Hook today.  Red Hook Recreational area is fantastic.  Large fields that aren't exactly in top condition but there are a lot of them.  Kids playing soccer, football and using the track.  Schools from all over the place. 

When I got there and looked around it brought me back to my days in High School.  Football games every Saturday.  Kids all over the fields practicing for whatever sport they were playing in that year.  The air is warm but it is autumn. 

Yet there is something in the air.  You can feel the stress walking around NYC.  People are on edge.  Of course, everyone is attempting to go on like business as usual but it isn't.  The stores are empty, people are jumpy, conversations are geared towards are you doing okay with the markets, people are making different decisions about where to eat and if to go out, people are waiting to see where everything and when everything bottoms out and then what, private schools are wondering if people will be able to pay their tuition and people are talking constantly about the election. 

All and all, there is just an underlying feeling of fear in the air.  It is indescribable.  It is like white noise.  It creates a level of tension and a look behind everyones eyes. 

Here I sit watching Josh play a rousing game of soccer in an area of Brooklyn that has really changed in the past 5 years with the sun warming my face and I can't help but think about what is going to happen to this area of Brooklyn?  Are all these kids going to be able to come back to school next year?  Are their parents doing okay through this?

 I want to enjoy the moment and think back to the easier days of High School when the biggest concern was if we were going to win the State Champs this year but I just can't bring myself completely back.  I so wish we could all go back.